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Creating and Expanding Our PLNs

May 26, 2014 by 2TechSavvyLibrarians   

Margo Rudder, Carroll ISD; Jennifer LaGarde, Library Girl; @janhodgelibrary

Achieving #stardom with: @MargoRudder, Carroll ISD; @JenniferLaGarde, Library Girl; @janhodgelibrary

Sharon Gullett & Marsha Edney, #txlchat gurus

@SharonGullett & Marsha Edney @EdneyLibrary, #txlchat gurus

@ShawnaFord1, @NancyJoLambert, @ShannonMiller, @technolibrary, @plemmonsa

#Library Rockstars: @ShawnaFord1, @NancyJoLambert, @ShannonMiller, @technolibrary, @plemmonsa

This year was our first #Twitter year!  I had been avoiding & dismissing Twitter mainly because I didn’t see the value of it.  And, with all the crazy #@RT, etc. I thought I would probably really mess it up and look bad… Well, thanks to the wonderful @TracieGCain & Naomi Bates @yabooksandmore and their Twitter Workshops, I was encouraged to try.  So, I began lurking, tweeting & chatting and haven’t stopped since :)!!! Because of my Twitter connections, I was able to host @Wandoo Planet and do several guest blogposts.  Also, I got a #sweet follow from #YardCrasher @ahmadandahmed 🙂  Looking forward to even more connections next year!  If you are not sure about Twitter as an Educational Resource, please give it a try!  You can just lurk, which really means “listen”, and watch other educators share resources & ideas.  Then, before you know it, you will be jumping in sharing as well.  Recently, I was asked to be one of the moderators for #txlchat next fall……and all because of #Twitter!  I continue to make valuable, relevant connections on Twitter and am looking forward to some great #txlchats.  Join me!

TechSavvyLibrarian Jan


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