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I Love Being An Educator Because I Am A LifeLong Learner!

June 23, 2014 by 2TechSavvyLibrarians   

Presenting 2 Sessions in Galveston, Texas

Presenting 2 Sessions in Galveston, Texas


I was one of those kids that knew I wanted to be an educator at an early age.  I have always loved teaching & learning.  Recently I was honored with being able to present 2 sessions at the Texas Computer Educators Tots & Technology Conference in Galveston, Texas.  It was a Fabulous Conference!! My presentations were well received as I shared the Basics of Twitter in Education & Managing Multiple Libraries.  I found that I did have something to share that was valuable to others. Before beginning this blog and tweeting, I wasn’t sure that I had anything to share.  I lurked and looked, then decided that I could at least follow along and encourage others. After doing this, I realized that everyone has something to share.  I may not know the extent of how my experiences have helped others, but in sharing them, they have helped me focus.  And that is one reason why I love being an educator!  Also, thanks to #moedchat (Missouri Educators) with their #showme attitude!  I am participating in a Summer Blog Challenge – So Here We Go! Let’s Learn Together!







  1. Becky Calzada says:

    Great post! I feel like we are kindred spirits when you spoke about not feeling like you had much to share-I felt the same way. It’s been great getting to meet folks virtually and learn from one another. I too am getting a blog set up-just another way to tell the story of the many happenings in the libraries across the district. Keep up the great work!

    • 2TechSavvyLibrarians says:

      Thanks Becky! I so appreciate your encouragement! Please join me in the #moedchat #SummerLS Blog Challenge. We can learn together. My cohort, Carol, will join the blogging later on as she is going to be a Grandmother soon! Very exciting!

  2. Jen Houlette says:

    You’re right, Jan! Everyone has something to share, even if we don’t have the “expert” label by our name. There’s someone out there that is waiting for that idea, suggestion, or nudge to try something new. You have a great attitude! I also started blogging last month due to my friends at #moedchat and #10summerblogs. It will be a great summer of learning!

    • 2TechSavvyLibrarians says:

      Thanks so much Jennifer! My default is to be hesitant about sharing ideas. I need to think about the #moedchat & #10summerblogs as being in a classroom. I wouldn’t be in there and not speak up, and neither would you. Looking forward to following your blog! Thanks again!

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