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Thoughts about our YA eReading habits

January 20, 2015 by 2TechSavvyLibrarians   

I took some time a few days ago to look at reports from our digital library for the last six months. It is interesting, but not surprising to see that most of the top 15 books that were checked out are now (or will soon be) movies.  I think that says a lot.  First, our students are aware that there is a book version – though many think the book came after the movie.  Second, the students want to read the book version. Some may read to find that the book has differences from the movie.  Some may read to find that the movie has differences from the book.  Either way, those students are using some higher level thinking skills as they compare and contrast the two.  Then third, it says that YA fiction is attractive to many – not just YA.  People of all ages are going to see the movies and many of them are aware that there is a book with the same title as the movie… and many of them are not aware that the book came first.  The whole thing is very intriguing. Please plan to read a few of these, even if you don’t see the movie (I rarely do).   Anyway here is the list:

  1.  The Fault in Our Stars – Green
  2.  The Maze Runner – Dashner
  3. The Giver – Lowry
  4. Divergent – Roth
  5. The Lightning Thief – Riordan
  6. Fallen – Kate
  7. Gone –  Grant
  8. Insurgent – Roth
  9. Lies – Grant
  10. Mockingjay – Collins
  11. Looking for Alaska – Green
  12. Ask the Passengers – King
  13. Prodigy –  Lu
  14. The Angel Experiment: Maximum Ride series – Patterson
  15. If I Stay – Forman
  16. The 5th Wave – Yancy  (I included this because the movie is in production.)


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