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  1. I Love Being An Educator Because I Am A LifeLong Learner!

    June 23, 2014 by 2TechSavvyLibrarians

    Presenting 2 Sessions in Galveston, Texas

    Presenting 2 Sessions in Galveston, Texas


    I was one of those kids that knew I wanted to be an educator at an early age.  I have always loved teaching & learning.  Recently I was honored with being able to present 2 sessions at the Texas Computer Educators Tots & Technology Conference in Galveston, Texas.  It was a Fabulous Conference!! My presentations were well received as I shared the Basics of Twitter in Education & Managing Multiple Libraries.  I found that I did have something to share that was valuable to others. Before beginning this blog and tweeting, I wasn’t sure that I had anything to share.  I lurked and looked, then decided that I could at least follow along and encourage others. After doing this, I realized that everyone has something to share.  I may not know the extent of how my experiences have helped others, but in sharing them, they have helped me focus.  And that is one reason why I love being an educator!  Also, thanks to #moedchat (Missouri Educators) with their #showme attitude!  I am participating in a Summer Blog Challenge – So Here We Go! Let’s Learn Together!






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