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  1. Today’s Super Powered Librarian!

    October 6, 2014 by 2TechSavvyLibrarians

    “It’s a bird, it’s a plane….” No, it’s a Super Powered Librarian flying to your rescue!

    Today’s Librarians are like SuperHeroes because of the nature of their ever-changing job description.  A Super Powered Librarian must be an expert in Library Science, Instruction, Technology, Personnel & Materials Management and much more.   We do it all – everyday for our students, patrons and communities.  Here are some reasons, I believe, that we put on our capes every day:

    1) We are Crusaders – Super Powered Librarians are champions for students by providing them and all stakeholders the best possible resources, reading materials and experiences.  We remain relevant by advocating for our programs in a constantly shifting environment, making connections to student learning.

    2) We are Leaders – Super Powered Librarians lead the way by changing and evolving to meet the needs of their students & community, realizing that affecting learning is paramount.

    3) We are Adventurers – Super Powered Librarians take risks and step up to the plate by implementing new programs and ideas, even when they may be unsure of the outcome.

    4) We are Flexible – Super Powered Librarians are made of elastic!  We stretch and stretch to meet the needs of all our students, school and community.

    5) We are Lifelong Learners “To Infinity & Beyond”- Super Powered Librarians Love Learning and instill that love in their students.  We spend countless hours outside the school setting planning and networking with other educators and colleagues via Twitter and other Social Media Platforms.

    Today’s Super Powered Librarian does not wear a bun (only when it’s really hot) on his/her head and sit around eating bon-bons.  Today’s Super Powered Librarians are SuperTechSavvy, SuperLeaders, SuperManagers and SuperBookPeople!  Find one at your nearest Library soon – just watch out for the cape!SuperHero Librarian Jan

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