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Here are ideas from 2TechSavvyLibrarians & the University of Hard Knocks!

1. Large Whiteboard or Display in Your Office – Visual Progress of Projects that is easily seen and understood by Teachers, Principals & especially your Supervisor.

2. Microsoft Outlook Calendar – Excellent way to stay on track!  Add appointments to Outlook Calendar & sync across your devices.  Add reminders for appointments as well. Then, share Calendar with your Supervisor.

3. Folder/File Per Campus – Keep a designated folder, file or notebook for each campus to keep Purchase Orders & All Correspondence.

4. Purchase Orders – Save time by ordering in bulk when possible.  Create a generic supply list to share with all campuses.  Decide whether to allow individual campuses to tweak the list and provide alternatives.

5. Ordering – Create an Excel Spreadsheet and keep track of all orders on all campuses (i.e. dates submitted, completed, etc.)

6. Collection Development – Because our main vendor is Follett, we setup School Titlewave Accounts for each campus Media Specialist.  During the year, the Media Specialist keeps the Titlewave tab open for easy access to add lost books, requested books and otherwise to the campus wish list.  Then, later in the year, they will share the wish lists with me.  I have created my own wish list from Award Books & Curriculum Support.  I merge these lists together and tweak them per each campuses needs.

Putting It All Together

Putting It All Together


Here are our favorite tools for Managing Multiple Libraries:

1. Evernote & Dropbox – Use Evernote to create documents that will sync and save to Dropbox (cloud).   Documents created in Evernote are searchable.

2. Google Drive – Use Google Drive to have infinite file (cloud) storage, automatic updates (saves), easy file sharing.  Log into any device and access your documents.  Share a folder, never lose a file.

3. Follett Titlewave – Have each of your Librarians create a Titlewave login.  Make the password formula the same across the District so that you will be able to remember it easily for login purposes.  Librarians can have a Titlewave Tab open daily to update lost books, those beyond repair, or new titles wanted.  Before ordering, they can share their list with you or you can go in and get the list.

4.  SymbalooEDU – Embed a webmix of your own or copy a favorite.  Visual icons instead of linear links for more student appeal!

5.  Blendspace – Use for helping Teachers have one-click access to curated materials.

6. & – Great Digital Curation Tools.  You choose the content that you want delivered to your doorstep!

7.  Pocket – Great Digital Curation App.  Store your Favorites in your Pocket!

8. Google Chrome – This is a great browser because of the add-ons!!! Check it out!!!

More to come….



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